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Canon is a well known brand that manufactures top class printer that has no manufacturing fault. These printers are famous for its durability as well as rich quality print. But there are things that even the best printer can’t avoid like problems related to print head, nozzles, cartridge, software, drivers and many more. One of the common problems that Canon user faces is of color print and many users complaint that they are not able to print in particular color. However, the best way to resolve this issue is through a service agent, who are available at Canon Printer Help Number UK but you can try to resolve the issue on your own if you want. This may be the problem related to the printer nozzle, first need to perform nozzle check to find out which color is having issue.

• Turn on your machine and then load A4 size sheet or letter size plain paper in Auto Sheet feeder.
• Open Paper output tray.
• Then open Output tray extension.
• To print the nozzle check patter press the setup button and select Maintenance and press OK.
• On the Maintenance screen select print nozzle pattern and press Ok.
• The pattern print confirmation screen will display, click yes and then click OK.

The nozzle check pattern will print; now examine the pattern on the LCD of your PIXMA. If the pattern doesn’t match with the example pattern that you can easily find on Canon site then perform cleaning and even if there is any missing line or no ink is appearing on the pattern then you need to clean the print head. For this purpose please follow the given steps.

• Press the Menu button and select Maintenance then click Ok.
• Select Deep Cleaning and press Ok.
• Click Ok to select Yes.

You need to perform deep cleaning for at least 3-4 times to make your print look better. After this again print the test page to see if all colors are printing. If you still find any problem then may be your printer need service and for that purpose you can dial toll free Canon Printer Contact Number UK. We will help you make your printer work effectively.

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