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If you want to connect your printer with your computer then you need to install a printer driver which is compatible with your operating system. Generally, a software CD comes along with your printer through which you can easily install a printer driver. But what if you have lost a CD or your printer driver became outdated. In this case, you can download and install the driver online. This online method is considered better as in this case you get the latest driver that too compatible with your device.

Here in this section, we are going to discuss the three main printers HP, Canon and Epson. Follow the instruction given here as per your printer brand to install your printer driver.

HP Printer:

• Open HP Printer Support website to download the driver as per your printer model.

• You need to enter the model number and your operating system to download the correct driver.

• Now connect your printer to the computer as per the package instruction. You can also consult printer experts on HP Printer Support Number if you face any issue in it.

• Then go to your computer’s Control Panel and then select “Printers” which is under “Hardware”.

• Now click on “Add a Printer” and use the recommendation port for installing the printer.

• Then select your printer brand i.e. HP and your printer model.

• Click next and let the wizard complete the installation.

• Once you are done, print the Test Page to ensure that your printer is working well.

Canon Printer:

• Open Canon.com on your Internet browser and then click on its “Support” section.

• Then select your current language.

• Choose “Consumer and Home Office”.

• After this, from the “Product Family” dialog box, select “Printers and Multifunction”.

• Now select your product series from the “Product Series” scrollbar.

• Then go to the Driver and Software dialog box and select “Driver & Software” of your printer model.

• Also, select your operating system and then click Download.

• Once the download process gets finished, double-click the downloaded file and follow the onscreen instructions.

Now you can use your printer without any problem. In case, you get an error in between the installation process then feel free to take help from printer executives by giving a Call at Canon Printer Support Number.

Epson Printer

• Open Epson Homepage and click on Support from the top of the page.

• Now find your printer model and enter your product series, then click Search.

• You will see the Drivers & Manuals section. The webpage will recognize your operating system. You can even choose your operating system manually. If you don’t know which operating system you are using then contact experts at Epson Printer Helpline.

• The webpage will split into two sections: Drivers & Software and Manuals and Documentation.
Note: Driver and software section includes: Product setup, Drivers, Creativity Software, Network Utilities, Firmware and Other software. In Manuals & Documentation, you can access product guide

• Select the software which you want to install (Drivers) and click download at the bottom of the file you want to download.

• The software will start downloading and if asked click Run to start the installation.

• Once the downloaded file is extracted then follow the onscreen wizard to complete the process.

• After this, you will be able to use your printer smoothly.

Remember that if you have any issue at any point in time while performing printer driver installation, then you can definitely get in touch with professionals to get resolution. Correct guidance will help you in proper installation so that you can use your printer hassle free.

Source:- http://contacthelpnumberruk.blogspot.com/2018/07/how-to-install-hp-canon-and-epson.html

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For setting up Canon MAXIFY MB5370 Printer, you can use Canon Print inkjet or shelphy, an authorized app for iOS and Android smart phones. This application helps you to print more easily. Not only this, you can use it for scanning from your iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch. It is the easiest way to connect your mobile device wirelessly to your MAXIFY printer to print, scan and copy. Aside from printing easily, it can be coaxed to print online documents, something from the web, from web pages etc. And if you want to set up your printer using it, the steps are given below:

• For the first step, you have to download the Canon Print inkjet/shelphy application from the Apple app Store. If you are having some issue doing so, just connect the tech supporters at Canon Printer Contact Help Number for UK.

• When the app is being installed, you need to register the printer. Just ensure, it has been turned on.

• Then, you need to launch the application and check whether you printer is listed.

• When you see that your printer is listed then you needn’t to continue following the steps as the setup is now complete. But, if the list doesn’t show your printer brand, proceed to the next step.

• Now, click on the Register Printer icon and then ‘Register Printer’. Thereafter, you have to start the detection process. When you see that your printer has detected, then click on the name of your printer and press OK. But when you see it is not even detected, then continue following the steps ahead.

• When your printer brand is still not detected, you should make sure that the connectivity as well as wireless router is connected to the same network as your iOS device.

• Just open the Wi-Fi settings of your iOS device and proceed to SSID starting “Canon_ij_.”

• When you don’t see the SSID then make connection on the printer. And then go to Perform Wireless LAN Setup and select Auto Select Conn. Method.

• Afterwards, select the SSID of wireless router for connecting your printer. When you see no wireless router connected to Wi-Fi then you will have to find Direct Connection screen. And then, follow onscreen instructions for registering your printer.

• At last, you will need to provide the password for your wireless router, if necessary. And then, complete on screen instructions and press OK. Now detection of your printer should start. Click on the printer name when appear on screen and then click OK. Now your printer is being registered successfully.

If you are still left with any query, go and take help from the technical professionals available at Canon Printer Customer Helpdesk in UK. They will be easily available over the call, in case you have some emergency with any difficult issue.

Source :- http://contact-help-numberuk.strikingly.com/blog/how-do-i-setup-canon-maxify-mb5370-printer-in-ios-devices

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You will see All in One Brother Printer Error Codes displayed on the LCD with the word “error”, “error code” or “machine error” with the error message. These error message are displayed when your printer face any issue which functioning. Moreover, these messages are somewhat helpful for the user as they help you identify the cause of error and thus make it easy for you to resolve them. We have merged up few error codes in this blog, with their solution.

1.Error 57- This error is displayed at the time of duplex printing. To fix this problem check the debris or torn paper in the duplex unit. If the problem persists after clearing the debris then the duplex unit might need servicing.

2.Error 68- it indicate the problem with the fuser temperature. The fuser unit gets hot and bonds the print on to the page. Simply switch the machine off and then on again to resolve this error. In case this doesn’t resolve the issue then you need to replace the fuser unit.

3.Error 72- laser unit writes the information onto the drum surface and the machine is detecting a problem with it. This problem is related to the scanner motor. Switch off your printer and then again switch it on. You might need to replace the laser unit in case the error remains.

4.Error 84- you will witness this code when the machine detects paper jam issue. Remove the paper jam and check if the path is clear, there is no obstruction in printing. Even the small bit of paper will cause issue.

5.Error 50- A drum unit is meant to print only particular number of sheet and when that limit gets over you need to replace the Drum Unit and you see this error. Replace the drum unit as this might affect the print quality.

6.Error Code 7D: This error appears when the printer detects contamination in the drum unit area. You need to clean your drum unit and for that you can take help from a technician by dialing 0808-238-7544 Brother Printer Technical Phone Number UK.

7.Error Code A5- The machine detects this error with the scanning unit when you try to send a fax. The easiest way to fix this problem is, switch off the machine for a while and then switch it on again and see if the error persists. If yes, then replace the scanner unit.

8.Machine Error 82- This error is detected by machine when it is trying to feed the recording paper. You can resolve this issue by removing the paper tray and resetting the paper. Also make sure that there is no debris in the paper feed path.

We have comprised some error here but apart from these there are many more. If you can’t find the error that you are facing in the above list, then dial Brother Printer Customer Care Number for assistance.

Source:- https://contact-help-number.wixsite.com/printertechsupport/single-post/2017/09/22/Troubleshoot-All-In-One-Brother-Printer-Error-Codes

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There is no way a user is supposed to look anywhere else and just make sure that one is following the correct set of points mentioned below: -

  1. Just press and hold the Maintenance Button which is being placed on top of printer. This should be executed like this for a period of approximately 5 seconds.
  2. The user is supposed to correctly Press the button A.
  3. If the user is needed to make sure that the LED is flashed in the illustration which is being mentioned above. It is after this, that user needs to press the WPS button which is located on your access point. It should be pressed with 2 minutes of process being initiated. The dependency on Canon Printer Customer Care Number 0808-238-7544 has never been the cause of information being received in a haphazard manner. One does not have to go to other sources and hope for concrete form of solution is derived.

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Canon is a well known brand that manufactures top class printer that has no manufacturing fault. These printers are famous for its durability as well as rich quality print. But there are things that even the best printer can’t avoid like problems related to print head, nozzles, cartridge, software, drivers and many more. One of the common problems that Canon user faces is of color print and many users complaint that they are not able to print in particular color. However, the best way to resolve this issue is through a service agent, who are available at Canon Printer Help Number UK but you can try to resolve the issue on your own if you want. This may be the problem related to the printer nozzle, first need to perform nozzle check to find out which color is having issue.

• Turn on your machine and then load A4 size sheet or letter size plain paper in Auto Sheet feeder.
• Open Paper output tray.
• Then open Output tray extension.
• To print the nozzle check patter press the setup button and select Maintenance and press OK.
• On the Maintenance screen select print nozzle pattern and press Ok.
• The pattern print confirmation screen will display, click yes and then click OK.

The nozzle check pattern will print; now examine the pattern on the LCD of your PIXMA. If the pattern doesn’t match with the example pattern that you can easily find on Canon site then perform cleaning and even if there is any missing line or no ink is appearing on the pattern then you need to clean the print head. For this purpose please follow the given steps.

• Press the Menu button and select Maintenance then click Ok.
• Select Deep Cleaning and press Ok.
• Click Ok to select Yes.

You need to perform deep cleaning for at least 3-4 times to make your print look better. After this again print the test page to see if all colors are printing. If you still find any problem then may be your printer need service and for that purpose you can dial toll free Canon Printer Contact Number UK. We will help you make your printer work effectively.